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By Sarah Holden

Happiness Is a Spousal IRA

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many wonder how to best express their love. Sure, dozens of roses...
By Eric J. Pan

Leading the Way to T+1

Shortening the settlement cycle will mitigate risk and maximize investment opportunities—all for the...
By Kenneth Fang

Closed-End Funds at a Crossroads

Closed-end funds provide retail investors with many benefits but have recently come up against some...
By Sarah Bessin, Joanne Kane, AND Dorothy Donohue

The SEC Must Step into the Breach

Fund investors deserve to pay fair prices for information about their investments, but a broken...
By Rob Elson

Jamie Dimon Speaks His Mind

In a headline half-hour at ICI’s 2021 General Membership Meeting on May 6, ICI President and CEO...
By Sarah Holden

Jump In for Mutual Fun

Managing your finances is serious business, so people may not often associate “fund” with “fun.” But...