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We hope you enjoyed the 2021 GMM! You can still join ICI for the Operations and Technology Conference on Thursday, May 20.

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Investors Carefully Consider Fees and Expenses When Selecting Mutual Funds

The vast majority of mutual fund investors consider fees and expenses when selecting a fund.
ICI Viewpoints

2021 Investment Company Fact Book: Letter from the Chief Economist

A version of this letter by ICI Chief Economist Sean Collins was released in the Institute’s 61st...
ICI Viewpoints

A Shorter Settlement Cycle: T+1 Will Benefit Investors and Market Participant Firms by Reducing Syst...

Last week, ICI, SIFMA, and the DTCC announced that our organizations are collaborating on efforts to...

ICI Member Roundtable Examines Liquidity Crisis of March 2020

Amid calls to reform money market funds, managers from eight ICI member firms detail their experiences last spring, including the challenges they faced and the decisions they made.

Covid-19 Resource Center

COVID-19 Resource Center

ICI continues to support members during the COVID-19 pandemic.