COVID-19 Resource Center

COVID-19 Resource Center

This resource center compiles ICI’s work in regulatory, legislative, and operational areas relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. Members may sign in for more resources on the latest US and global developments affecting the fund industry and fund investors.

COVID-19 Working Group Paper

Pandemic and Economic Shutdown Drove Financial Turmoil in March 2020

ICI’s research series on the market impact of COVID-19 analyzes financial
markets’ reactions to the pandemic and the US government's response.

COVID-19 Working Group Report

The COVID-19 Market Impact Working Group, made up of senior industry executives, was charged by the Executive Committee of ICI’s Board of Governors to examine the causes of the 2020 market turmoil and the experiences of regulated funds.

As policymakers around the globe study the events and causes of March 2020, ICI’s Working Group Report—released as a series of papers and written by ICI Global and ICI’s Research, Law, and Industry Operations groups—provides a data-based foundation for future regulatory discussions or other responses that could affect regulated funds and their investors.

Experiences of US Bond Mutual Funds

In addition to the Working Group Report, ICI Research released an ICI Viewpoints series to examine US bond mutual funds during the crisis.

Experiences of European Markets, UCITS, and European ETFs

Experiences of US Money Market Funds

Experiences of US Exchange-Traded Funds

Impact on the Economy and Financial Markets

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