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ICI Viewpoints

Introducing the New ICI Global

By Michael Pedroni

ICI Global is a community of leading asset management firms with a worldwide presence. We serve investors across Europe and multiple other jurisdictions and we are establishing a deep commitment to our work in Brussels.

To reflect our European focus, ICI Global is significantly expanding our team in Brussels. With our European policy experts, attorneys, and researchers, we can provide a unique, cutting-edge, and global perspective. ICI Global is introducing a new model to represent our industry, recognizing that policy developments in Europe, Asia and the United States are deeply intertwined—and so are the operations of our members. We are committed to helping shape strong policies, regulations, and thought leadership for the benefit of long-term investors.

The new ICI Global is driven by three core mandates:

  1. Representing the investment fund industry’s voice on the global stage. Our research and analysis help to shape key policies and regulations in the Europe, the United States, Asia and international fora like the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO);
  2. Focusing intensively on Brussels, where the European Union leads in crafting rules for global asset managers; and
  3. Providing thought leadership from the industry through research and data, insights on regulatory challenges, and peer-to-peer discussion platforms.

Get to know the new policy and data experts at ICI Global!

Michael Pedroni, Chief of ICI Global: Michael leads ICI Global and is responsible for ICI’s international regulatory and policy work to support investment funds and their investors around the world. He has extensive public and private sector experience in international engagement and financial policy, having served four secretaries of the US Treasury, including as the US Financial Representative to the European Union in Brussels, and before that as the first Director of the Treasury’s Markets Room during the global financial crisis. Across more than 25 years, Michael has guided international financial policy in positions at the White House, Federal Reserve, and the IMF as well as establishing the international affairs and research teams at the Managed Funds Association.

Victor van Hoorn, Managing Director: Victor leads European operations for ICI Global and heads the team in Brussels. A dual citizen of France and the Netherlands, Victor joined ICI from Eurosif, where he has served as Executive Director since 2020. At Eurosif, he expanded the association and helped establish the group as a leading voice on sustainable finance and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Prior to Eurosif, Victor led the financial services practice at the Brussels office of Hume Brophy, a European consulting firm.

Corrado Camera, Director of EU Public Policy & Regulation: Corrado brings his deep insight into European policymaking and international relationships to ICI Global. An Italian citizen, Corrado served as Senior Advisor to the US Treasury Representative in Europe, where over the course of almost two decades he has been instrumental in helping to develop public policy and provide insight, advice, and analysis to Treasury leadership and to five US Ambassadors to the European Union. He is a veteran of the US-EU financial regulatory forums and the ongoing global dialogue on regulatory inter-operability across jurisdictions.

Annette Capretta, Chief Counsel: Annette guides the Institute’s international legal program in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere for the benefit of ICI members and long-term investors. She previously served as an Associate General Counsel at ICI, where she focused on sustainable investing and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters. Prior to her role as associate general counsel, she worked as deputy Managing Director of the Independent Directors Council, advocating policy positions impacting fund governance and shareholder interests.

Elizabeth Lance, Associate Chief Counsel: Elizabeth Lance is the Assistant Chief Counsel of ICI Global. Before joining ICI Global, Elizabeth was Vice President and Legal Counsel for Legislative and Regulatory Affairs at T. Rowe Price, where she was responsible for monitoring global regulatory developments affecting T. Rowe Price’s global investment management business and its corporate functions. Elizabeth previously served as Attorney Advisor for Regulatory Policy in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of International Affairs.

The new team in Brussels is completely integrated with ICI Global’s team in Washington and backed by the full resources of ICI. ICI Global carries out the European and international work of ICI, which for over 80 years has been the leading trade association for the US investment fund industry. With more than 170 employees , ICI and ICI Global staff are experts in law and regulation, economic research and data analysis, industry operations, and strategic communications.

Michael Pedroni is the Chief Global Affairs Officer and leads ICI Global. 

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