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ICI Tech Summit – Top 5 Takeaways

By ICI Strategic Communications

On November 8–9, ICI hosted the 2022 Tech Summit, the first event ICI event celebrating the importance of financial technology within the asset management industry. Held in Dallas, TX, the conference brought together some of the top minds in the industry discussing a range of topics, and providing attendees a glimpse into the future of how companies can better serve investors.


ICI President & CEO Eric Pan delivers opening remarks for the 2022 Tech Summit.


Take a look at our top five takeaways from this year’s conference:

1. Looking into the future means understanding the past

Deloitte’s Chief Futurist Michael Bechtel explained that we prepare for the future by looking at our past. He notes that three elements of computing—interaction, information, and computation—were seen in the very first computer and will drive every new technological innovation.

2. Regulators are focused on innovation too

FINRA’s Haimera Workie showcased how the regulator develops tools using technology to help do their job more effectively. He says the possibilities are exciting, but risks need to be addressed. Innovation is happening everywhere.


Haimera Workie of FINRA discusses innovation within the industry with ICI’s Joanne Kane.


3. The blockchain debate is ongoing

Discussions about blockchain and cryptocurrency are never boring, and each side had an opinion at the Tech Summit. We heard about the promise of blockchain, the regulatory outlook, and even from some who think that the entire idea of blockchain and crypto is a scam. One thing we do know is that these discussions will continue to capture the industry’s attention.


A panel of digital asset experts (Susan Olson, ICI [Moderator]; Jai Massara, Lightspark; Cynthia Lo Bessette, Fidelity; Craig Salm, Grayscale) debate the current regulatory landscape and what the future may hold.

4. The fund industry remains at the cutting edge

The regulated fund industry continues to use disruption to advance the shareholder and investor experience. Look for artificial intelligence and augmented reality to play a big part in this transformation. 


The “Vipers” (Justin Rainey, UMB Financial Corp.; Joe Boerio, Franklin Templeton; Phil Cantu, Dodge & Cox; Michael Carr, Vanguard) of ICI's Technology Viper Pit listen to a pitch from a hopeful FinTech startup.

5. These discussions need to continue

Change is happening quickly, and ICI is ready. Look out for our Financial Innovation Working Group, which will be sponsoring a webinar series in the coming months covering digital assets and blockchain.

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