ICI Viewpoints

ICI Viewpoints

2019 Annual Report to Members: ICI's International Work

By Miriam Bridges

Every year, the Investment Company Institute works hard to advance public policies and operational efficiencies that benefit funds and their advisers, directors, and shareholders.

With the industry’s interests bound ever more tightly to global trends, ICI pursues an active international agenda through its international arm, ICI Global. ICI’s international work in 2019 was a period of vigorous effort on a host of issues.

For example, this past year, ICI has

  • advocated globally on financial stability by promoting evidence-based approaches to policies affecting regulated funds and their investors;
  • helped members prepare for Brexit;
  • advocated on crucial EU legislative proposals, such as delegation, sustainable finance, investment firm review, and cross-border distribution;
  • informed pension reform efforts in Asia and Europe;
  • advocated for the exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry by pushing back against misperceptions about ETFs; 
  • worked to keep capital markets open across borders;
  • worked with fund industry participants around the world to improve operational practices, such as efforts to strengthen cybersecurity, and in the European Union, to streamline practices involving due diligence over distributors; and
  • much more.

Find more information about these global issues—and other issues—in ICI’s 2019 Annual Report to Members and at www.iciglobal.org.

Miriam Bridges is vice president of ICI Education Foundation and editorial director at ICI.