Investment Company Reporting Modernization Resource Center

In October 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted new rules that modernize the reporting of fund information. These rules require most funds to file portfolio holdings information and other data monthly on new Form N-PORT and to file census information annually on new Form N-CEN, all in a structured data format. The new rules also make certain changes to fund financial statements, including standardizing the presentation of derivatives, and rescind Forms N-SAR and N-Q. The compliance dates for these new rules and forms were extended and now range from August 1, 2017, through March 1, 2020.

This resource center is designed to assist members understand, implement, and comply with these new requirements. Contact Sarah Bessin ( or 202-326-5835), Ken Fang ( or 202-371-5430), or Greg Smith ( or 202-326-5851) for more information or if you need further assistance.

SEC Engagement

ICI continues to engage with the SEC on this topic and has submitted the following:

ICI Letter to SEC Chairman Clayton on Liquidity and Fund Reporting Rules

Related Regulatory and ICI Initiatives

The SEC’s adoption of new enhanced fund reporting requirements for registered funds coincided with its adoption of a liquidity risk management program rule and optional swing pricing rule amendments for mutual funds. Visit our Liquidity Risk Management Program Rule Resource Center and Swing Pricing Resource Center for more information on these topics.

Financial Stability Resources

Visit our Financial Stability Resource Center for more information around the topic of financial stability, which ICI has addressed extensively in response to inquiries and papers from other regulatory bodies.