2015 Global Retirement Savings Summit Video Highlights


2015 ICI Global Retirement Savings Summit

Japanese and International Experiences

Pension experts gathered in Tokyo on 23 April 2015, for the 2015 Global Retirement Savings Summit to examine how private pensions, including defined contribution (DC) systems, can help people save for retirement.  

Japan, like other countries in the developed world, faces a number of challenges: a rapidly aging population, a relatively low birth rate, and uneven economic growth. Pension reform is an important and urgent issue not only for Japan but for the region, which made Tokyo the ideal place to hold a summit on Japan’s—and other countries’—experiences with creating a successful retirement system.

During the summit, Japanese experts discussed their experience and exchanged knowledge with US and UK pension experts about DC systems.

Below are video testimonials from some of the keynote speakers and panellists who attended the event. For information about previous pension events, please visit our Global Retirement Savings Conferences page.

Conference Summary

Changing Times for Japanese Retirement Savings and Investing

Paul Schott Stevens
President and CEO
ICI Global

Perspectives on the Developments in Japan

A Briefing on Japanese Pension Reforms

David Monroe 
General Counsel
Matthews International Capital Management, LLC


Doug Hymas 
Managing Director, Japan Country Executive
BNY Mellon

Japanese Insights on Changes to the Japanese Retirement Savings System

Akiko Nomura 
Senior Analyst, Research Department
Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research

Thoughts on Changes in the Current Japanese Retirement Savings Structure

Steve Utkus 
Principal, Vanguard Center for Retirement Research
The Vanguard Group

Perspectives on the Global Import of Changes in the UK Retirement Savings System

Insights on UK Pensions Reforms

Tim Jones  
NEST Corporation

The Growing Use of Behavioural Economics

Insights on Behavioural Finance in Retirement Savings

John Rekenthaler 
Vice President, Research
Morningstar, Inc.

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