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Tax Matters

In 2008, Congress enacted mandatory cost basis reporting for brokers and mutual funds.  The legislation amended Internal Revenue Code section 1012 (see sections 1012 (a) – (d)) and section 6045 (see section 6045(g)) and added new sections 6045A and 6045B.  The new reporting requirements are effective for mutual fund shares acquired on or after January 1, 2012; they are effective for all other equities acquired on or after January 1, 2011.  The Internal Revenue Service issued final regulations on the cost basis reporting requirements in October 2010.

Internal Revenue Code

Notice 2011-56

Final Regulations

Proposed Regulations

IRS’s Cost Basis Reporting Overview and FAQs

IRS Forms

ICI Contact on Tax Related Matters

  • Tax related questions on Cost Basis Reporting may be directed to Karen Gibian, Associate Counsel – Tax Law, at or 202-371-5432.


Fund Operations Initiatives

ICI Broker/Dealer Advisory Committee (BDAC)– Cost Basis Reporting Task Force

The Institute’s Broker/Dealer Advisory Committee CBR Task Force is assisting the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) with enhancements for mutual funds to Fund/SERV, Networking and the Cost Basis Reporting Service to comply with the new regulations. The Task Force continues to provide industry feedback on mutual fund issues and the DTCC enhancements were implemented in 2011 in order to comply with the cost basis reporting regulations for mutual funds effective 1/1/2012.

  • The BDAC CBR Task Force has developed recommended practices for firm-initiated FUND/SERV redemptions on fund-controlled accounts.
  • The BDAC CBR Task Force also worked with DTCC on a separate cost basis transfer reporting guide for mutual funds. The "Supplemental User Guide for Mutual Funds" includes an executive summary/overview, glossary of terms, frequently asked questions, and documentation on CBRS for mutual funds (that includes account transfer examples using various basis methods that illustrate the movement of data using CBRS record layouts). The guide is located on DTCC’s website at:

ICI Contacts on BDAC Activities

  • Questions regarding BDAC's cost basis reporting activities may be directed to Jeff Naylor, Director – Operations & Distribution, at or 202-326-5844.
  • The information being developed by BDAC is applicable to any taxable account which includes those held by bank/trust intermediaries.  As a result, ICI's Bank, Trust and Retirement Advisory Committee (BTRAC) is using the BDAC work product for CBR.  For questions related to CBR and BTRAC, please contact Jeff Naylor at or 202-326-5844.

Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (“DTCC”)

DTCC has enhanced its Cost Basis Reporting Service (CBRS) to help financial firms and other market participants comply with the new regulations that require the reporting of cost basis information to investors and the federal government.

  • Overview

    The CBRS is an automated system that gives financial firms the ability to transfer customer cost basis information from one firm to another on any asset transfer. The system provides a centralized communications hub that mitigates risk, promotes standardization and helps customers meet their regulatory requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Who Can Use the Service

    All financial intermediaries subject to the IRS regulations are eligible to apply to use CBRS, including firms who are not currently members of any service offered by one of DTCC’s affiliate companies.

  • Information on CBRS

    Detailed information on CBRS may be found on DTCC’s website.

    The website contains links to DTCC’s Important Notices and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on CBRS, including new account set up, record layouts, users guides, data input and output, and testing.

How to Contact DTCC

  • Questions regarding CBRS may be directed to the DTCC Customer Support Hotline at 888-382-2721.
  • You can subscribe to an RSS feed to receive DTCC Important Notices directly to your email address.  To learn more about this service and to set up your own DTCC RSS alerts, visit

ICI Transfer Agent Advisory Committee – Cost Basis Reporting Task Force

The Institute’s Transfer Agent Advisory Committee (TAAC) CBR Task Force ("Task Force") is holding regular calls and developing documentation to assist fund transfer agents as they implement policies and procedures to comply with the new cost basis reporting regulations. The Task Force is focusing primarily on shareholder communications and servicing issues, as well the calculation and recordkeeping of cost basis information for shareholders.

  • The Task Force has developed the “Shareholder Communications for Cost Basis Reporting” document to assist fund transfer agents as they prepare customer communications to educate and inform fund shareholders about the cost basis reporting rules, fund cost basis reporting policies and related customer options.
  • The Task Force has developed the "Fund Checklist for Mandatory Cost Basis Reporting Implementation" document, which provides a list of implementation steps for mutual funds to consider as they prepare for mandatory cost basis reporting.
  • The Task Force conducted a survey of the Transfer Agent Advisory Committee on mandatory cost basis reporting in July 2011, after the IRS issued its guidance on average cost as a fund default method (Click here for survey results).
  • The Task Force developed the Frequently Asked Questions for Cost Basis Reporting document to serve as a resource to funds as they work toward implementation of mandatory cost basis reporting.

ICI Contact on TAAC Activities

  • Questions on mutual fund transfer agent shareholder servicing and communications issues may be directed to Joanne Kane, Director of Operations and Transfer Agency at or 202-326-5850.

ICI Webinars and Workshops on Cost Basis Reporting