News Release

News Release

ICI Publishes 63rd Edition of Investment Company Fact Book

Washington, DC; May 23, 2023—Today, the Investment Company Institute (ICI) published its 2023 Investment Company Fact Book ahead of its Leadership Summit in Washington, DC. Since 1960, the Fact Book, a compendium of the research and analysis conducted by the Institute over the previous year, has served as an important resource for the investment fund industry.

“ICI’s Fact Book is the definitive source of data on the state of the investment fund industry. We hope this year's edition continues to be an indispensable resource for industry, policymakers, and the public. ICI staff work to produce impactful research and present it in an accessible format that informs and educates audiences. I’m proud that ICI has delivered this comprehensive resource for the 63rd year,” said ICI President and CEO Eric Pan.

“We provide a wealth of data in the ICI Fact Book that represents the categorical annual update on the fund industry. We hope readers will find the 2023 Fact Book the most informative yet. It has come a long way from the first edition, which was little more than a pamphlet. Our dedicated team compiles a vast repository of industry statistics each year, and the Fact Book continues to change and grow along with our industry,” said ICI Chief Economist Sean Collins.

Key takeaways in the 2023 edition include:

  • Mutual fund ownership is widespread among all generations. In 2022, 115 million individual investors in the United States—across all generations—owned mutual funds. Members of the Baby Boom Generation and Generation X headed the largest shares of mutual fund–owning households in 2022, which reflects both their generation’s sizes and their high rates of mutual fund ownership.
  • Regulated funds remained an important source of capital for worldwide financial markets. With $60.1 trillion in total net assets, regulated funds held 26 percent of worldwide capital markets at year-end 2022. These funds continue to be an important conduit for allocating capital globally, helping finance businesses, governments, and households.
  • Defined contribution plans and IRAs are vital to the US retirement market. At year-end 2022, IRAs and defined contribution plans represented 62 percent of the total US retirement market, and mutual funds managed about half of those account-based retirement assets. Additionally, the US retirement system is helping recent retirees replace high percentages of their working-age income, according to a recent study by ICI economists.

Explore the Investment Company Institute’s 2023 Fact Book here.