ICI Cybersecurity Resources

Cybersecurity Resources

For nearly 20 years, ICI has actively engaged with members, regulators, law enforcement, and other stakeholders—both domestic and global—on cybersecurity issues and experiences. By employing a broad strategy of committee sessions, events, public and private collaboration, and relationship building, the Institute has constructed the most comprehensive, member-driven approach to cybersecurity of any association worldwide. As a result, ICI has become the leading voice on cybersecurity advocacy for the mutual fund industry.

Among a variety of activities, the Institute has developed strong member forums through domestic and global information security committees where members can exchange ideas, learn of current threats and trends, and discuss unique elements of information security for mutual funds. Throughout the years, the Institute has collaborated with members to develop custom benchmarking, which aids in assessment of cybersecurity readiness, and has taken that work to associations across the globe. These efforts are the only instance of benchmarking solely for the mutual fund industry. In addition, Institute staff has built extensive private-public relationships that bring a broad level of subject matter expertise and information to the members, aiding their work in protecting information.

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