IDC Events

2021 IDC Conference

2021 Fund Directors Virtual Conference

Registration and recordings will be available until November 20.

Upcoming Events


IDC Webinar: BDC Fundamentals: Board Oversight of Business Development Companies

December 2021

Future Scheduled Events


2022 Schedule

All events will be in-person unless noted.

2022 Investment Management Conference
March 27–30, 2022
Palm Desert, CA
2022 Tax and Accounting Conference
September 18–21, 2022
Aurora, CO
2022 General Membership Meeting
May 25–26, 2022
Washington, DC
2022 Fund Directors Conference
October 24–26, 2022
Chicago, IL
2022 Fund Directors Workshop
May 26, 2022
Washington, DC
2022 Operations Summit: Fintech, Innovation, Leadership, Technology
November 8–9, 2022
Dallas, TX


2023 Schedule

2023 Investment Management Conference
March 19–22, 2023
Palm Desert, CA
2023 Tax and Accounting Conference
September 17–20, 2023
San Antonio, TX
2023 General Membership Meeting
Dates TBD
Washington, DC
2023 Fund Directors Conference
October 11–13, 2023
Chicago, IL
2023 Fund Directors Workshop
Dates TBD
Washington, DC

Industry Segment Calls

No industry segment calls are currently scheduled at this time.

Virtual Roundtables

No virtual roundtables are currently scheduled at this time.