In Case You Missed It: “A Three-Step Approach to Global Retirement Challenges”

By Stephanie Ortbals-Tibbs

May 08, 2013

Investment & Pensions Asia has just posted a commentary from Dan Waters, ICI Global’s managing director. In the op-ed, Dan sets out a simple framework for addressing a complex topic—how to increase retirement security across the globe. An excerpt:

Countries of every size and economic situation face difficulties related to retirement: aging populations, tight budgets, and policy complexity, among others. Viewed globally, the challenge of retirement security is large and daunting, indeed.

Yet, examining this challenge through a global lens can also serve as a powerful way to find solutions and approaches for moving forward. To tame its more daunting aspects, we can take a simple, three-step approach: honestly assessing our problems, exchanging ideas about solutions, and staying focused on the needs of savers and investors.

As Waters discusses, ICI Global is furthering this discussion by convening retirement experts from around the world at an event—the Global Retirement Savings Conference: The Role of Investment Funds—taking place in Hong Kong in June. The conference program, registration, and more information are available on the ICI Global website.

Stephanie Ortbals-Tibbs is a director for media relations at ICI.