Be a Key Sponsor at the 2020 Tax and Accounting Virtual Conference!


The 2020 Tax and Accounting Virtual Conference, which will take place September 22, 29, and October 6, is designed to raise your organization’s profile and capture the attention of the fund industry’s key players. All of the sponsorship opportunities will provide your company valuable recognition, visibility, and branding.

Pricing information for sponsorship packages is listed below. Please view the sponsorship prospectus to see these opportunities in more detail, including their benefits.

Conference Sponsorships

Premier sponsorship SOLD $15,000 (one slot)
Branded sponsorship SOLD $10,000 (two slots)
Partner sponsorship SOLD $4,000 (six slots)
Thought leadership $6,000 (unlimited)

If you have any questions, please contact Pete Bockelman at 202-285-1866 or pete.bockelman@ici.org.