Monthly UIT Deposits
September 2020

Washington, DC; October 15, 2020—Unit investment trusts, investment companies that hold fixed portfolios of selected stocks or bonds, had total deposits of $2.96 billion in September, according to statistics compiled by ICI. For comparison, deposits were $2.93 billion in August 2020 and $3.16 billion in September 2019.

Total Deposits by Trust Type
Thousands of dollars
  September 2020 August 2020 September 2019
Equity 2,894,543 2,887,939 3,063,311
Taxable Debt 26,934 9,952 27,125
Tax-Free Debt 36,501 29,677 68,831
Total 2,957,978 2,927,568 3,159,267

There were 100 new trusts issuing shares in September. Of that total, 94 were equity trusts, three were taxable bond trusts, and three were tax-free bond trusts.

In terms of maturity, short term bond trusts having an average weighted maturity of less than five years attracted the most deposits in September, with $39.35 million.

June 2020 figures: Data on the market value of unit investment trusts issued and outstanding as of June 30, 2020 indicates a total of 4,471 trusts with a value of $69.02 billion. According to reports of sponsors, on June 30, 2020, there were 1,579 tax-free bond trusts, with a market value of $6.56 billion; 546 taxable bond trusts, with a market value of $1.76 billion; and 2,346 equity trusts, with a market value of $60.69 billion.