Monthly UIT Deposits
August 2020

Washington, DC; September 15, 2020—Unit investment trusts, investment companies that hold fixed portfolios of selected stocks or bonds, had total deposits of $2.93 billion in August, according to statistics compiled by ICI. For comparison, deposits were $4.07 billion in July 2020 and $3.53 billion in August 2019.

Total Deposits by Trust Type
Thousands of dollars
  August 2020 July 2020 August 2019
Equity 2,887,939 4,000,877 3,425,491
Taxable Debt 9,952 18,365 53,374
Tax-Free Debt 29,677 51,422 50,723
Total 2,927,568 4,070,664 3,529,588

There were 102 new trusts issuing shares in August. Of that total, 99 were equity trusts, one was a taxable bond trust, and two were tax-free bond trusts.

In terms of maturity, short term bond trusts having an average weighted maturity of less than five years attracted the most deposits in August, with $24.82 million.

June 2020 figures: Data on the market value of unit investment trusts issued and outstanding as of June 30, 2020 indicates a total of 4,471 trusts with a value of $69.02 billion. According to reports of sponsors, on June 30, 2020, there were 1,579 tax-free bond trusts, with a market value of $6.56 billion; 546 taxable bond trusts, with a market value of $1.76 billion; and 2,346 equity trusts, with a market value of $60.69 billion.