Criteria for Membership

The Investment Company Institute is the national trade association for the investment company industry. We serve our members in the areas of federal and state legislation and regulation, taxation, pension, international issues, economic and market research, industry statistics, public information, fund operations, and investment adviser issues.

Membership is on the corporate level and available to any SEC-registered investment company (open-end, closed-end, and exchange-traded funds). All SEC-registered investment companies under substantially common management are required to join ICI for the fund group to be eligible for membership. Once the fund group is a member, its investment adviser, principal underwriter, and fund directors are considered members. The annual membership dues are based on the total net assets of the funds in the group. The Institute’s bylaws provide more detailed information on membership divisions and the dues scale.

The Institute provides a range of specialized services and communications to its members in the form of memoranda, statistical data, and market research. Members are encouraged to participate on the Institute’s committees and taskforces, and to attend ICI-sponsored conferences and workshops.

Membership is also available to sponsors of unit investment trusts. Specific benefits for UIT sponsor members include a seat on the Unit Investment Trust Committee and other mailings specific to unit investment trusts.

Firms not eligible for membership, such as law firms, accounting firms, consultants, and other service providers to the fund industry, may subscribe to the Institute’s memoranda and statistical reports.

For more information on membership, please contact the Institute’s Membership Department at memberservices@ici.org.